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9 Feb 2016

I've started my first Guile Scheme app. It is a small generator of blog. You can see the result this small post that I wrote here.

I thought about writing small app to learn Scheme - Lisp derivative. I was aquainted already with Clojure (another Lisp derivative), so parenthesis and list wasn't novelty for me, but it was not what I expected. It wasn't bad, but it meant getting used to another idea for the development, different toolset and libraries.

I know that there are other, more sophisticated Scheme implementations like Racket, but Guile felt to me lighter and the module system was more like I was used to already. There was even a HTTP client and server in the standard library :).

GNU Guile is available almost in every Linux distribution and on MacOS X. It is just one command to install it:

<your apt/yum/pacman/brew> install guile